WMIC를 활용한 시스템 정보 수집용 스크립트

@echo off
echo GET System Information

if %1$==$ (
 rem use the local computer name if nothing is specified
set computer=%computername%
) else (
rem use the computer name passed as a parameter
set computer=%1
rem  Creating report for %computer%
set htmlfile=%computer%.html

wmic OS get /format:hform  > "%htmlfile%"
wmic computersystem get /format:hform  >> "%htmlfile%"
wmic service where state="running" get caption,name,pathname,state,status,acceptpause,acceptstop,processid,systemname,startname  /format:htable >> "%htmlfile%"
wmic service where state="stopped" get caption,name,pathname,state,status,acceptpause,acceptstop,processid,systemname,startname  /format:htable >> "%htmlfile%"
wmic csproduct list brief /format:htable >> "%htmlfile%"
wmic cpu list brief /format:htable >>"%htmlfile%"
wmic diskdrive list brief /format:htable >>"%htmlfile%"
wmic logicaldisk list brief /format:htable >>"%htmlfile%"
wmic volume list brief /format:htable >>"%htmlfile%"
wmic NICCONFIG list brief /format:htable >>"%htmlfile%"
wmic product get name, version /format:htable >> "%htmlfile%"

위와 같은 스크립트를 getSystemInfo.bat와 같은 파일로 저장 후 실행

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