[Python] IPy Notify

Use: To notify whomever that your IP address has changed if you have a non-static IP address and run a web server, game server, etc. Utilizes nested functions.


import os, os.path, string, time
import smtplib, socket
import win32api
# GLOBALS --------------------------------------------
(head,tail) = os.path.split(win32api.GetSystemDirectory()) # Get the win path.
(ldrive,os_root) = os.path.split(head) # Now get the local drive.

# The path will generally, if not always be c:\
# Path_log = ldrive+'\yourdir\IPy_Notify.log'
# will specify a dir of your choice - dir must be created.
Path_dat = ldrive+'IPy_Notify.dat' # Program requires this file to run properly.
Path_log = ldrive+'IPy_Notify.log'

Name = win32api.GetComputerName() # Get actual machine name.

#Add your server name, mail server, and email addresses receiving notification.
MailServer = 'smtp.yourprovider.com'

Address    = ['yourmail@yourprovider.com']
#Address    = ['yourmail@yourprovider.com','yourfriend@something.com']
# Multiple Addresses - uncomment will override above.

Frm_add    = 'yourmail@yourprovider.com'
# From must be a valid e-mail address or the mail function will fail.

# If your ISP requires authentication, leave blank if unsure and test.
User       = ''
Pass       = ''

# Functions ------------------------------------------

def mail(to='',frm='',subj='',body='',server=''):
        message='From: %s\r\nTo: %s\r\nSubject: %s\r\n%s'%(frm,to,subj,body)           
            # Logon to the server... If needed
            message='From: %s\r\nTo: %s\r\nSubject: %s\r\n%s'%(frm,to,subj,body)           
            print 'ERROR: Unable to send notification! - '+time.ctime()
            open(Path_log,'a').write(time.ctime()+' \nERROR: Unable to send notification!')

def start():
    def getIP(name, path):
        print 'IPy Notify by C. Nichols, 2002.\n'
        ip = socket.gethostbyname(name)
        print 'Current ip: '+str(ip)
        open(path,'w').write(ip) #Save the current IP address.

    def out(name, path, stat=1):
        while stat:
            cur_ip = open(path,'r').readline()
            new_ip = str(socket.gethostbyname(name))
            if cur_ip==new_ip:
                print 'Sleeping...'
                time.sleep(15) # Sleep in seconds - adjust polling interval to your taste.
                print 'Polling: '+new_ip+', '+time.ctime()
                print 'IP address has changed: '+new_ip
                open(Path_log,'a').write(time.ctime()+'\nINFO: IP address has changed: '+new_ip)

                print 'sending notification...'
                for add in Address:
                    mail(to=add,frm=Frm_add,subj='Message from '+name,body='New IP address: '+new_ip+' assigned to '+name, server=MailServer)

# Run ------------------------------------------------
# Make sure this is started via the command line or
# by a .cmd file in startup - The command window can
# be hidden from a cmd file if you hate it like I do.
# Download Python @ www.python.org or PythonWin
# (active python) from www.activestate.com.
/> try:
    open(Path_log,'a').write(time.ctime()+' START: IP Polling\n------------------------------------------\n')
    open(Path_log,'a').write(time.ctime()+' \nERROR: IPy Notify failed!')

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