[Python] Controlling Windows Services

Module for manipulating WinNT, Win2k & WinXP services.
Requires the win32all package which can be retrieved
from => http://starship.python.net/crew/mhammond
from sys import exit
import time, win32api, win32con, win32service
wa, wc, ws = win32api, win32con, win32service

class WService:
    The WService Class is used for controlling WinNT, Win2k & WinXP like
    services. Just pass the name of the service you wish to control to the
    class instance and go from there. For example, if you want to control
    the Workstation service try this:
        import WService
        workstation = WService.WService("Workstation")
        workstation.fetchstatus("running", 10)

    Creating an instance of the WService class is done by passing the name of
    the service as it appears in the Management Console or the short name as
    it appears in the registry. Mixed case is ok.
        cvs = WService.WService("CVS NT Service (Build 41)")       
        cvs = WService.WService("cvs")

    If needing remote service control try this:
        cvs = WService.WService("cvs", r"\\CVS_SERVER")
        cvs = WService.WService("cvs", "\\\\CVS_SERVER") 
    The WService Class supports these methods:
        start:          Starts service.
        stop:           Stops service.
        restart:        Stops and restarts service.
        pause:          Pauses service (Only if service supports feature).
        resume:         Resumes service that has been paused.
        status:         Queries current status of service.
        fetchstatus:    Continually queries service until requested status(STARTING, RUNNING,
                            STOPPING & STOPPED) is met or timeout value(in seconds) reached.
                            Default timeout value is infinite.                             
        infotype:       Queries service for process type. (Single, shared and/or
                            interactive process)
        infoctrl:       Queries control information about a running service.
                            i.e. Can it be paused, stopped, etc?
        infostartup:    Queries service Startup type. (Boot, System,
                            Automatic, Manual, Disabled)
        setstartup      Changes/sets Startup type. (Boot, System,
                            Automatic, Manual, Disabled)                   
        getname:        Gets the long and short service names used by Windows.
                            (Generally used for internal purposes)
    def __init__(self, service, machinename=None, dbname=None):
        self.userv = service
        self.scmhandle = ws.OpenSCManager(machinename, dbname, ws.SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS)
        self.sserv, self.lserv = self.getname()
        if (self.sserv or self.lserv) == None: exit()
        self.handle = ws.OpenService(self.scmhandle, self.sserv, ws.SERVICE_ALL_ACCESS)
        self.sccss = "SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\"
    def start(self):
        ws.StartService(self.handle, None)
    def stop(self):
        self.stat = ws.ControlService(self.handle, ws.SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP)

    def restart(self):
    def pause(self):
        self.stat = ws.ControlService(self.handle, ws.SERVICE_CONTROL_PAUSE)
    def resume(self):
        self.stat = ws.ControlService(self.handle, ws.SERVICE_CONTROL_CONTINUE)
    def status(self, prn = 0):
        self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
        if self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_STOPPED:
            if prn == 1:
                print "The", self.lserv, "service is stopped."
                return "STOPPED"
        elif self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_START_PENDING:
            if prn == 1:
                print "The", self.lserv, "service is starting."
                return "STARTING"
        elif self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_STOP_PENDING:
            if prn == 1:
                print "The", self.lserv, "service is stopping."       
                return "STOPPING"
        elif self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_RUNNING:
            if prn == 1:
                print "The", self.lserv, "service is running."       
                return "RUNNING"
    def fetchstatus(self, fstatus, timeout=None):
        self.fstatus = fstatus.upper()
        if timeout != None:
            timeout = int(timeout); timeout *= 2
        def to(timeout):
            if timeout != None:
                if timeout > 1:
                    timeout -= 1; return timeout
                    return "TO"  
        if self.fstatus == "STOPPED":
            while 1:
                self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
                if self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_STOPPED:
                    self.fstate = "STOPPED"; break
                    if timeout == "TO":
                        return "TIMEDOUT"; break
        elif self.fstatus == "STOPPING":
            while 1:
                self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
                if self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_STOP_PENDING:
                    self.fstate = "STOPPING"; break
                    if timeout == "TO":
                        return "TIMEDOUT"; break                     
        elif self.fstatus == "RUNNING":
            while 1:
                self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
                if self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_RUNNING:
                    self.fstate = "RUNNING"; break
                    if timeout == "TO":
                        return "TIMEDOUT"; break                      
        elif self.fstatus == "STARTING":
            while 1:
                self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
                if self.stat[1]==ws.SERVICE_START_PENDING:
                    self.fstate = "STARTING"; break
                    if timeout == "TO":
                        return "TIMEDOUT"; break
    def infotype(self):
        self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
        if self.stat[0] & ws.SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS:
            print "The", self.lserv, "service runs in its own process."
        if self.stat[0] & ws.SERVICE_WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS:
            print "The", self.lserv, "service shares a process with other services."
        if self.stat[0] & ws.SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS:
            print "The", self.lserv, "service can interact with the desktop."
    def infoctrl(self):
        self.stat = ws.QueryServiceStatus(self.handle)
        if self.stat[2] & ws.SERVICE_ACCEPT_PAUSE_CONTINUE:
            print "The", self.lserv, "service can be paused."
        if self.stat[2] & ws.SERVICE_ACCEPT_STOP:
            print "The", self.lserv, "service can be stopped."
        if self.stat[2] & ws.SERVICE_ACCEPT_SHUTDOWN:
            print "The", self.lserv, "service can be shutdown."   

    def infostartup(self):
        self.isuphandle = wa.RegOpenKeyEx(wc.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, self.sccss + self.sserv, 0, wc.KEY_READ)
        self.isuptype = wa.RegQueryValueEx(self.isuphandle, "Start")[0]
        if self.isuptype == 0:
            return "boot"
        elif self.isuptype == 1:
            return "system"
        elif self.isuptype == 2:
            return "automatic"
        elif self.isuptype == 3:
            return "manual"
        elif self.isuptype == 4:
            return "disabled"
    def setstartup(self, startuptype):
        self.startuptype = startuptype.lower()
        if self.startuptype == "boot":
            self.suptype = 0
        elif self.startuptype == "system":
            self.suptype = 1
        elif self.startuptype == "automatic":
            self.suptype = 2
        elif self.startuptype == "manual":
            self.suptype = 3
        elif self.startuptype == "disabled":
            self.suptype = 4
        self.snc = ws.SERVICE_NO_CHANGE
        ws.ChangeServiceConfig(self.handle, self.snc, self.suptype, \
        self.snc, None, None, 0, None, None, None, self.lserv)
    def getname(self):
        for i in self.snames:
            if i[0].lower() == self.userv.lower():
                return i[0], i[1]; break
            if i[1].lower() == self.userv.lower():
                return i[0], i[1]; break
        print "Error: The", self.userv, "service doesn't seem to exist."
        return None, None

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