Unboxing the Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mAh

  • Model NDY-02-AD
  • Battery type Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
  • Power source DC 5V
  • Input voltage DC 5.1V
  • Input current 2.0A(TYP)
  • Output curren t2.1A(TYP)
  • Rated capacity 3.6V/10400mAh(TYP)
  • Charging time 5.5 hrs with 5V/2A plug and standard cable
  •  12 hrs with 5V/1A plug and standard cable
  • Size 90.5*77*21.6mm
  • Load detection Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices
  • Safety Input OVP, OCP; Output OCP OVP, short protection; cell protection including OVP OCP, thermal protection during charge and discharge stage
  • Out of power protection Awake once pluged to the charger
  • Charging temperature 0℃-45℃ (TYP)
  • Discharging temperature Initial -10℃~+50℃(TYP) Continuous -20℃~+60℃(TYP)
  • Weigh t250g

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